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Origin of CKP Surnames Empty Origin of CKP Surnames

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Of the family names originally belonging to the Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhus the following have been admittedly adopted the Marathas:

(1) Gurude
(2) Ranadive
(3) Tambe
(4) Thakare
(5) Bhishe
(6) Tungare
(7) Dalvi
(9) Vaidya
(10) Patankar
(11) Raje and
(12) Dabir

It would be impossible to prevent any family from adopting the surnames of their Patrons, masters or employers, and the process is very conspicuous among the Parsees among whom we have, Petits, Wellingtons, Coopers, Meadows, Ash burners, and others, but the fact that authors of the community adopting the names of the superior sect, admitting the adoption deserves to be recorded. [quote]e Shelke's Vaunshavali, and Dhairavo's Shannavakuli, published respectfully in Pune and Mumbai.

One peculiar trait of this community is the acquisition of land or hereditary Vatans ; they seem to have domiciled themselves wherever they could succeed in obtaining possession of land ; and they pride in assuming official designations for their families, dropping the surname but retaining its tradition and its gotra for religious or matrimonial purposes. As an instance, a short sketch of the members of one family from Dabhol, who are Jayawants is sufficient. From a family tree in the possession of Mr. R. N. .Inamdar, the Honorary Magistrate of Poona it appears that during the last 5 or 6 hundred years the descendants of one man named Lingo Shankar have acquired residence in 25 places and are known by 19 family names.

1. Tungar
2. Shringarpur
3. Rajapur
4. Yeshwantgad
5. Yeshwi
6. Duragawadi
7. Satara
8. Mulher
9. Mahad
10. Guralji
11. Pune
12. Mawal
13. Thana
14. Charai
15. Baroda
16. Bassein
17. Shahapur
18. Kohocb
19. Mumbai
20. Hyderabad
21. Panvel
22. Gandagar
23. Kolhapur
24. Indapur
25. Chaool
26. Dhabol

And that the direct representatives of that single person are this day known as

1. Javale
2. Tungare
3. Jayawant
4. Shriugarpure
5. Tipnis
6. Karkhanis
7. Fadnis
8. Chitnis
9. Inamdar
10. Adhikari
11. Yeshwikar
12. Duruoravadikar
13. Deshpande
14. Mulherkar
15. Rajapurkar
16. Mahadker
17. Patil
18. Kohochkar and
19. Kulkarni

Of these 19 family names 9 are derived from the domiciles and 9 from official designations while the remaining one is surname. The family names given in the beginning have been adopted during pre-historic period and many have lost their meaning, but the following is mere guesswork or intrusion into the science of philology. No traditions exist as to their origin:

1. Gurude - Eagles among men. The headmen or chieftain. Those with the Kagle on their flag.
2. Gupte - It is from Gupti the Sword-stick.
3. Bahire - Deaf.
4. Dalvi - From dal (army) commandants.
5. Nachane - From nachani a kind of grain or nach dance.
6. Dixit - Performers of the great horse sacrifice.
7. Gadkari Commandants of Fort.
8. Kshipre - alias Raje Rulers of the tract watered by the Kshipra, a river in Malwa.
9. Shathe - From Shat "cunning."
10. Jayawant - The Victorious.
11. Pradban - Ministers.
12. Ranadive - The lights of the battle-field.
13. Phanse - The Jack-fruit which is "outwardly rough but inwardly soft."
14. Vaidya Physicians.
15. Likhite - Writers.
16. Vivade - Discussers. Ambassadors.
17. Vaghule - The bat-like [compare, fable of changing sides in battles.]
18. Chitre - The beautiful "like a picture."
19. Muke - Dumb.
20. Chaubal - Commanders-in-Chief.


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