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Post  Admin on Wed 29 Jun 2011, 8:41 pm

1-1.5 bowls of grated fresh coconut, 2 bowls of basamati or any aromatic rice (cooked), sugar in equal amount to coconut, green elaichi (cardamom), lavang (clove)- 4-5, kesar (safron), kaju (cashew nuts), kishmish (raisins), half bowl milk (add kesar, kaju and kishmish for 10-15 minutes at least)
Procedure: Cook the entire rice by putting some ghee in it. This disallows cake formation in rice. Take a thick bottomed vessel. Add ghee and put elaichi and clove in it. Then add grated coconut and sugar and stir it until the sugar is melted. Remove cashews and kishmish from milk and put them in mixture and stir finely. Add cooked rice and put milk which has saffron. It gives lovely color and aroma. Stir it properly.
Above should be done on a "medium" flame. Afterwards, put on sim mode and a thick lid for 5 minutes. then switch of the gas. Your "narali bhat" is ready!! Smile


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